Does my Lawn Need Lime?

This treatment will help put your soil's pH in the optimum growth range for the health of your lawn.

You may need to add lime to your soil if a soil test indicates a pH level below the optimum of 6.0 or 7.0. Soil pH is a measure of a soils alkalinity or acidity. A soil is acidic, or “sour”, if it has a pH below 7.0 (neutral). Soils can be naturally acidic but can also be acidified over time by natural leaching, the use of some nitrogen based fertilizers, excessive rainfall or irrigation, and acidic water sources. A pH below 6.0 causes important plant growth nutrients to become “bound up” in the soil

Lime also speeds thatch decomposition, limits some turf-damaging insects and diseases and improves the ‘living environment’ of the soil. These are several very good things for a lawn – all in one product.

It can take several years to significantly raise the Ph in the soil but, in our experience, within a year there is most often some improvement.